Friday, June 19, 2009

23. Untitled Edging

This is one of a few patterns which our Victorian knitter copied down without a heading. A nearly identical trim can be found in Classic Knitted Cotton Edgings by Furze Hewitt and Billie Daley. Unfortunately, the book's patterns are identified only by number, not by name (the similar design is #78), so the mystery remains. There can be no doubt, however, that whatever its original name, the word "leaf" must have figured prominently.

The pattern features triangles of large eyelets alternating with solid squares set on their points, each with a puffed leaf against a garter stitch ground. The design is topped off with a row of fagotting set apart from the rest of the arrangement by a narrow band of reverse stockingnet. While not reaching the epic dimensions of 19. Knitted Lace (Wide), this pattern falls outside the average in size, blocking at 4¼" wide when knit in fingering weight cotton on 2.25mm needles. In the first half of the pattern the stitch count steadily rises from 27 to 48. Some of the added stitches are worked off in the process of tapering the leaf motif, and the remainder are bound off in the last row of the 28-row repeat.

You can download the full-size chart, verbal instructions and notes here.

I find the use of p2tog in place of a left-leaning decrease (SSK, s1-k1-psso, etc.) when tapering the leaf a curious choice. It creates a series of bumps along the right side of the leaf. And the k3tog at the top of the leaf produces a tip that is less defined than would be had with a balanced double decrease (sl2-k1-p2sso). It seems as if the designer knew only one way to decrease-- knit or purl two or more stitches together-- or she considered other decreases unnecessary. Whatever the case, if used for a project, this pattern would definitely benefit from those substitutions in shaping the leaf.

Next week: Untitled Edging No. 2


Wibbo said...

That's such a beautiful edging! Thank you so much for all your hard work making the patterns available - I really appreciate it :o)

Anonymous said...

This edging is so striking! I just love it. Your knitting on the sample is gorgeous, perfect tension. I want to try this one too. Thanks so much for the pattern and notes.

Buckette said...

Once again beautiful work and your attention to each and every detail is outstanding.

Thanks again.

Venera said...

There is a pattern for a knitted counterpane that features a leaf motif very similar to this one in Victorian Whitework Today. The edging that appears on it in VWT didn't thrill me that much, but this edging would be simply perfect.

Lisa Vinci said...

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