Friday, July 17, 2009

27. Rose Leaf Lace

Pairs of leaves running horizontally, faggoting, large eyelets, cascading eyelets and a gently scalloped lower edge combine to make "Rose Leaf Lace" one of the most complex compositions in the sample book. This is relatively large edging, with a stitch count of 34 to 39 and measuring 3¾" wide after blocking when knit in fingering weight yarn on 2.25mm needles.

You can download the full-size chart, verbal instructions and notes here.

Rose Leaf Lace would work well with any of the twin leaf patterns such as Barbara Walker's Double Rose Leaf insertion.

Next time: Lemon Seed Lace


Kate said...

I think this is my favourite so far! :-)

Fiona said...

Seems like the top part would be a decent repeat for the body of a shawl, instead of choosing yet another pattern and considering the whole thing an edging.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I can see lots of uses for this one. I like Fiona's idea of using it for a shawl.

=Tamar said...

Ooh, gorgeous! I could see using the upper part for a horizontal band on something like a hat or a pullover, lace-kitchenered together for a full circle.

=Tamar said...

I just looked at the Barbara Walker twin rose leaf pattern on the Walker treasury website. I think her twin rose leaf looks identical to the leaf part of the 1884 pattern, just without the rest of the 1884 pattern. Maybe you've identified a source.

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