Friday, March 6, 2009

8. Wristlets

"Wristlets" are knit in the round and feature a simple spiral (bias) lace design with a scalloped lower edge. The original pattern has nine 10-stitch repeats and a single purled stitch per round.

You can download the chart, verbal instructions and notes here.

Gauge is not specified in any of the patterns in the sample book, and until now it wasn't of concern in knitting my swatches. But this design is intended for wear, so I had to experiment some to get it right. The pattern called for "Zephyr" yarn, and given the number of stitches cast on (91), I assumed that meant laceweight. But then the March/April 2009 PieceWork magazine landed in my mailbox. The issue centers around knitting for historical reenactment and includes a list of Victorian yarn terms and their modern equivalents. According to the chart "Zephyr" was a fingering weight yarn. The article also points out that 19th Century knitters tended to use a tighter gauge for a given type of yarn than is now customary. Indeed, to knit a 91-stitch tube that would fit anything smaller than a bulging-muscle bodybuilder's arm, one would have to use much smaller needles than we would likely choose for fingering weight. I did not want such a firm fabric, so I made my sample with 2.75mm needles and cast on 61 stitches, working 6 pattern repeats per round instead of nine.

The photo below shows the lace pattern worked in rows.

Next week: Torchon Lace

Postscript: A reader has suggested wearing the wristlets with the scalloped edge at the hand where it would catch the eye. Here is a new photograph to illustrate this excellent idea. (Thanks, Jane!)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, now I really like this pattern. Already in my folder! (noticed it on Ravelry

Jane said...

Just stumbled onto to your site and working my way through your blog (and bookmarked it to come back).

To me it would seem more appropriate that the wristlet would be worn to with the scalloped edge near the hand, so it could be shown off. Perhaps you may like to try it/photograph it that way.

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